By Eleanor Alfano, Blue Future Spring for Progress and Change organizer

Angry. Disappointed. Horrified. Somewhat optimistic for change. These words and phrases describe exactly how I felt one week after George Floyd had been murdered at the hands of Minneapolis Police.

George Floyd was murdered about 20 minutes away from where I lived in Saint Paul, Minnesota. My family and I drove through Lake St., a street a few blocks away from 38th & Chicago, the same day that Floyd was killed.

It was a warm, cloudy day in May. The temperature was surprisingly hot considering that it had been…

By Simone Luthra, Blue Future Spring for Progress and Change organizer

We have seen enough proof to know that the youth hold immense power in politics. As a young advocate, I realized that our voices are becoming stronger with each action we take. We are driven by the disappointment of the decisions lawmakers make while disregarding a vast majority of people, but it is this disappointment that has fueled our determination to make politics and legislation reflect our values and beliefs.

We have seen the countless youth led organizations striving to make change, from their local communities, to state level…

By Ramisha Parvez, Blue Future Spring for Progress and Change organizer

Being a youth organizer is no easy feat. To make matters even more difficult, it is hard being a BIPOC woman in a field where there is virtually no representation of women who look like me. Because of this, I often lack the confidence that I need to make my mark on this world.

Political organizing is also no easy feat. You constantly feel disappointed or feel that your energy and time is being wasted because maybe the world isn’t ready to listen to progressives. However, that is where…

By Ashleigh King, Blue Future Spring for Progress and Change organizer

During my time with Blue Future, I was encouraged and emboldened to become involved with local politics to advance progressive ideals. In addition to the support I received, Blue Future provided weekly trainings with thought provoking ideas, inspiring speakers, and professional development advice that will aid me for the rest of my career. The Blue Future team offered their advice and mentorship throughout the program while holding weekly trainings to help refine my skills as an organizer.

The program also provided access to first hand accounts of on going…

By Jenny Hu, Blue Future Spring for Progress and Change organizer

I first discovered Blue Future’s work during the pandemic. It was the summer of 2020; I was bored, anxious, and losing hope for the state of the nation. Living in a conservative district of red-leaning Ohio, I could hardly drive anywhere without seeing at least one Trump sign, Blue Lives Matter flag, or Republican billboard. Stifled by it all, I applied for Blue Future’s Fall for Progress and Change out of a desperation to make a change, no matter how small.

One thing led to the next. Immediately, I…

By Celia Viscomi Solet, Blue Future Spring for Progress and Change organizer

Prior to March of 2020, my only interaction with any of my representatives was a pizza party and photo-op with my then-mayor at City Hall, a reward for winning the “Most Comical” prize in our city’s annual Halloween window painting contest. It was crowded,the pizza was not the best, and our discussion, (if you could call it that) certainly did not involve policy priorities.

Blue Future has given me opportunities to hear from and advocate for elected officials and candidates all across the country, including Rep. Jim McGovern…

By Elizabeth Edwards, Blue Future Spring for Progress and Change organizer

Injustice doesn’t stop for a pandemic. In fact, many injustices have only been heightened by this pandemic. From the glaring racial disparity in COVID deaths and cases to the economic inequality caused by shutdowns and lay-offs to the deepening digital divide, COVID continues to widen the gap in equity. Additionally, the recent tragedies we faced serve as a grim reminder that pre-COVID injustices survive, despite the many changes our country has faced.

I’ve been struck by just how timely Blue Future’s work is. The nature of the issues we…

By Meher Sethi, Blue Future Spring for Progress and Change organizer

I’m steeped in mud and dirt in a wide-open (kinda smelly) field with a whole lotta other folks. We’re in Khet(field) in Dayalbagh, India, where most of my family lives: a tight-knit community that began as a small spiritual ashram. To be honest, at 7 years old, I wasn’t a huge fan. I’d ask my parents why we’re getting our hands dirty to do manual agricultural work — back here in America, we just go to Costco to get groceries. I looked around and saw hundreds of people clothed…

By Julia Himmelberger, Blue Future Spring for Progress and Change organizer

I’ve been interested in politics and social change since high school, but it wasn’t until my sophomore year in college that I got involved in the political campaign world. It was a blustery cold day in early January of 2020. I walked into the Concord, New Hampshire campaign office for Elizabeth Warren, unsure of what I was getting myself into. Immediately, I was greeted with huge smiles and excited voices by the campaign staff who were eager to train me on how to talk to voters about the upcoming…

By Reese McCaskill Jr, Blue Future Spring for Progress and Change organizer

Being with Blue Future has given me the opportunity to actually learn what it means to be an organizer. I’ve learned many skills from this organization, such as leadership, organizing, being a better person, and leading with compassion.

If I could give advice to young people about Blue Future, it would be two words: do it. My advice for young changemakers would be to be bold in standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.

Service is the greatest act anyone can do unto others and as change agents, we can ensure and provide the best service for our fellow man.

About Reese: My name is Reese McCaskill Jr and I go to Michigan State University, studying Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy and Social Relations & Policy.

Blue Future

Blue Future is building a diverse youth movement that will inspire, mobilize and invest in young people to organize for a brighter tomorrow.

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