A Brighter and Bluer Future

By Jenny Hu, Blue Future Spring for Progress and Change organizer

I first discovered Blue Future’s work during the pandemic. It was the summer of 2020; I was bored, anxious, and losing hope for the state of the nation. Living in a conservative district of red-leaning Ohio, I could hardly drive anywhere without seeing at least one Trump sign, Blue Lives Matter flag, or Republican billboard. Stifled by it all, I applied for Blue Future’s Fall for Progress and Change out of a desperation to make a change, no matter how small.

One thing led to the next. Immediately, I found that the Blue Future community of organizers was warm, ever supportive, constantly active. The virtual nature of the fellowship wasn’t a barrier — rather, it allowed me to meet young activists from all over the nation, all united by the cause of forwarding our progressive agenda. Though virtual organizing is sometimes criticized for being less effective and less engaging, it was a lifeline for me during the turbulent fall and chaotic spring.

Feelings of hopelessness are common among my generation. From the climate crisis to compounding instances of racial injustice, the cracks in our society seem to widen with each passing day, no matter who’s in office. But my experience this spring has taught me that in organizing, whether virtual or in-person, the most important thing is to keep my eyes on a better — and bluer — future. When we are hopeful, we are energized. When we are energized, we can mobilize. And when we mobilize, we are unstoppable.

Going forward, armed with both the training and the messages of the past ten weeks, I am confident I will be able to continue the work we’ve all worked together to begin. Yes, I’ve learned to time-block, to cold email representatives, to prepare a strategic plan. But I’ve also learned to stay ever hopeful, no matter what the world throws at us next.

About Jenny: Jenny Hu is a Chinese-American high school junior from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a Blue Future organizer, a CARE International advocate, and passionate about fighting for racial and gender equity.

Blue Future is building a diverse youth movement that will inspire, mobilize and invest in young people to organize for a brighter tomorrow.