Bridging the Gap Between the Youth and Politics

By Simone Luthra, Blue Future Spring for Progress and Change organizer

We have seen enough proof to know that the youth hold immense power in politics. As a young advocate, I realized that our voices are becoming stronger with each action we take. We are driven by the disappointment of the decisions lawmakers make while disregarding a vast majority of people, but it is this disappointment that has fueled our determination to make politics and legislation reflect our values and beliefs.

We have seen the countless youth led organizations striving to make change, from their local communities, to state level policy decisions. In the age of media and technology, young advocates have taken advantage of these tools, and have fought for their voice on decisions making seats across the world.

This generation has shown that when we want something to change, we will do it, whether it be through phone/text banking for a representative, or becoming a director of a national nonprofit organization that strives to educate those on issues that matter today.

The Blue Future Spring for Progress and Change program was not only the most welcoming atmosphere I have ever been a part of, but the most encouraging as well.

In a time where activists are bound by their screen, the knowledge we received was endless. Trainers encouraged us to widen our experiences and knowledge on what we already knew, and spread what we learned to others. We were both taught and inspired by several lawmakers across the county, and got introduced to several opportunities to work for issues ranging from DC statehood to reproductive justice with Planned Parenthood.

During these weekly trainings, countless volunteering events, and the making of the Youth Advisory Councils, we were taught not only to own our seat at the decision making table, but to fight for it.

I firmly believe in the power of devotion, whether it be to an issue personal to you, or to a community that has helped you grow into the person you are today — and this point was emphasized throughout the ten weeks of the training program. I’m excited to incorporate what I’ve learned from the other fellows and trainers into my future work as an advocate for women’s rights and democracy reform, and continue to grow and broaden my knowledge to bring change to the community who has shaped who I am today.

About Simone: Simone Luthra (she/her) is a junior at Northwood High School in Maryland. She dedicates her time to reproductive justice, democracy reform, as well as the womanist movement. As a passionate intersectional feminist, Simone aims to work more on menstrual equity and women’s rights in Maryland, and carry on her work to college. She plans on studying Political Science and Philosophy in university, and later attend law school to take policy and legislation hands on.

Blue Future is building a diverse youth movement that will inspire, mobilize and invest in young people to organize for a brighter tomorrow.