Organizing for a Blue Future

By Amber Cruz, Blue Future Spring for Progress and Change organizer

My time being an organizer with Blue Future has made a positive impact on me. The weekly trainings taught many of us the importance of equality and inclusion as we continue our advocacy in the future. Everyone in this program is passionate about social justice issues and increasing youth voices in our government. They are always giving a helpful hand and care about creating a better future in our country.

The people I have met in this program have in one way another mentored me and guided me along the way. Whether it came to office hours, one on one meetings with my regional field director, or holding meetings to check on our mental health, they were there for us. It’s amazing to work alongside people who not only care about progressive change but also care about fellow organizers in the midst of a current pandemic.

When you become part of Blue Future’s community, you will become a part of a community that is empathetic, driven, and dedicated to making progress in our system. I would advise future leaders and organizers to get involved as much as they can because you learn a lot during these ten weeks. Talk to your regional field directors and peers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help because someone is always there to help. This is your time to get out of your comfort zone and grow as an organizer.

As more young people become involved in our government and politics, we must keep in mind that a lot of the issues we face will not get done in a short span of time. There are prevalent issues such as systemic racism that will take decades of dismantling. Therefore, our advocacy is long-term. We have to continue to fight to have a seat at the table so the next generations can have a better say in their communities.

Don’t get flustered or quit when situations arise and bills are passed that affect marginalized communities, this will happen and it is up to us to do something about it. Apathy often occurs among our communities, but know that there will always be people who want to create a better future. I am hopeful that as more young voices will get involved with organizations like Blue Future, that we will change our status quo.

I am forever grateful to be part of this community.

About Amber: Amber Cruz (she/her) is a youth organizer. She is originally from the Bronx, New York, and is a resident of Washington D.C. She believes that youth voices can make progress in today’s governance.

Blue Future is building a national youth movement that will inspire, mobilize and invest in young people to organize for a brighter tomorrow.

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