Proving my Place in This Government

By Rosie Chisolm, Blue Future Summer and Fall Progress and Change organizer

In a society where a government that more often times than not, fails to reflect the people it represents, it can be hard for a young person to feel like they fit in. It can be very difficult to feel like you have a say in the ways in which government affects our world. I myself had many instances where I felt lost and controlled by other people. I wanted politicians to reflect the wishes of the people, and I wanted people to be kinder and more caring to one another. What I really wanted was to push my foot through the door and show America that I cared enough for change, and I knew that many others felt the same way, even if they stayed silent.

That opportunity arose at such a chaotic time in the lives of me and many Americans with the coronavirus pandemic and gave me a sense of purpose in a time that made many feel so useless. This summer, I was given the opportunity to work with Blue Future with the agenda of pushing out the youth vote for the 2020 presidential election and encourage citizens to volunteer and phone-bank alongside us. However, throughout each training, I wasn’t just taught how to phone-bank, but I was taught how to fight for my place in this world and in this government.

We were mentored by politicians all over the country and encouraged to push forward with our wants and needs until the people in power listened. From this, I realized after each training that we citizens are the people in power. Blue future provided information on job training, how to organize through social media, lobbying techniques, and how to gain outsider interest for start-up organizations. I learned the financial side of political organizing as well as how to start from something small. I was able to join in on phone banking and text banking opportunities for many different organizations specific to black women, feminists, ones targeted towards older generations, and others targeted towards younger generations.

About Rosie: Rosie Chisolm is a student at James Madison University majoring in Media art & Design with a concentration in Digital video and Cinema. I love being active in the community around me and helping fight for change and equality in our country.

Blue Future is building a national youth movement that will inspire, mobilize and invest in young people to organize for a brighter tomorrow.

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