Standardized Testing: Racism, Classism and Discrimination Must No Longer Be The Standard

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The ‘holy grail’ of MCAT study review, the MCAT Subject Review Complete Box Set” is $225. Not to mention any other additional fees you will need to spend including hiring a tutor, purchasing practice exams, etc. To take the MCAT, the fee is $320. Now applying to medical school is a very expensive process, as is the process of applying to any sort of higher education institution.

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT):

The SAT is the most popular college entrance test exam. An article by Jay Rosner, How the SAT Creates Built-in-Headwinds, examines how the formulation of questions on standardized testing has a demonstrated disparate impact on students from marginalized racial backgrounds:

The Bar Exam:

To take one last deep dive, we will be discussing the Bar exam required to be a practicing lawyer. The Bar is designed so that after students study for three years in law school, they spend anywhere from 3–6 months preparing for the exam. The issue with this timeframe is that not everyone has the luxury of doing nothing for 3–6 but spending a large amount of time studying for an exam. Depending on a state’s Board of Law Examiners (or a state’s equivalent), registering for the exam can cost anywhere from between $100-$1,300.

So, what can you do?

As young people continue to look at this fight, we should make sure to advocate for test-free/test-blind programs. Although test-optional programs have been effective, it would be even more beneficial to have test-free/test-blind programs. This may look like organizing a group of people to stand against local universities.



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