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+ sharing the healing justice fund to support student leaders

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3 min readApr 26, 2024

To all student organizers,

We have been heartbroken and we have been angry. We are heartbroken to see so many lives senselessly lost in Palestine. We are angry that our government is providing weapons and money to kill children and traumatize communities. Our leaders, the ones young people worked so hard to elect, need to do more to speak out against this genocide.

Like many of you, we have also felt hopeless at times and struggled to understand how we can help. We have had difficult conversations with friends, family members, and progressive allies in the movement. But every time we see young people rising up and leaning into their power, especially in these past two weeks, we feel the persistent light of hope begin to glow.

We want to make clear that we, Blue Future, are with you in solidarity. We want the students who are speaking up to know that you are seen. And your voices are changing the hearts and minds of people all over the country and the world. Your actions today are changing the world, forever.

Know that your actions are just. The actions being taken against you are rooted in fear, lies, and inhumanity. Your efforts will prevail, and just as has been true throughout our history, this movement will be credited with pushing the moral arc of the universe closer to justice.

It is our duty to fight for our freedom. And it has always been young people who have made the world a more free and fair place.

the Healing Justice Fund

We want to share the Blue Future Healing Justice Fund with you. Healing justice is a framework that embodies our values of trust, youth leadership, and meeting this political moment with action. It is one way we are in solidarity with frontline peaceful protestors.

This Healing Justice Fund is for students peacefully protesting at campuses across the country. Funds can be used to support urgent needs related to recent protests. We encourage students to use this money to offset the cost of legal fees, rent, food, phones, clothing, and any other needs.

Here is a short message you can send to your friends:

“Hey! There’s a youth-led fund to support students who have been peacefully protesting and taking action on campuses. It is a short form where you just show how much money you need and what it’s for (legal fees, rent, food, self-care practices, and more).

Please share with anyone who could benefit:

Request money here:

Share the healing justice fund on Instagram.

Share the healing justice fund on Twitter.

Donate to the healing justice fund here.

The love you are showing for a more peaceful world is something that all of us can learn from.

The fierce action you are taking, the risk and sacrifice you are making, is changing our world.

Keep shining. We are with you.

In solidarity and with love,

Morgan and Nick, Blue Future Co-Presidents



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